Delinda Morgan for US Congress

As Small Business Owner- not a career politician- I am running for the United States Congress for many reasons and important among them are: I stand for upholding and adhering to the U.S. Constitution.

My family

The Government can help in reducing health care costs and increasing access to services, but the Affordable Care Act does NEITHER. I will work for solutions that do both.

Federal taxes must be reduced. Why should parents need to choose between new shoes for their kids or school supplies because government is taking so much of their hard-earned dollars? Tax reduction for everyone, including Small Business, is essential. Money must be available to create goods and services as well as to purchase them.

Federal regulatory burdens must be lifted. Many are hidden taxes & fees that are especially harmful to Small Business, which are the job creators in America.

I will work to return a flourishing economy to our State by unlocking our natural resources; including timber, farming, ranching, and fishing. I firmly believe that we must have a strong and ready national defense. Borrowing trillions of dollars to finance wasteful spending must stop NOW! We are mortgaging the future of our children and grandchildren The people of Oregon's 1st Congressional District have a clear choice: More government, more taxes, fewer jobs and fewer opportunities, and less freedom; or a modest government that creates and facilitates the environment of opportunity, prosperity and success for everyone. 2016 Married 30 years to former USMC Captain/Marine Aviator, and a Mother of three Sons. I believe in Right to Life, our Right to Bear Arms and States Rights.. My Great Great Grandfather was one of the first 12 Republicans in California who helped elect Abraham Lincoln. I am a proud American. I ask for your vote